Leo Messi's two HUGE bonuses that have brought FC Barcelona close to bankruptcy | Oh My Goal

Today, Oh My Goal is looking into the latest news published by the Spanish press that claims FC Barcelona are (truly) on the verge of bankruptcy.

Lionel Messi may have recently received two huge bonuses that were negotiated in 2017 and they’ve forced FC Barcelona into a nightmarish financial situation.

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50 Respuestas a “Leo Messi's two HUGE bonuses that have brought FC Barcelona close to bankruptcy | Oh My Goal”

  1. Messi’s pay is nothing wrong , because he gave FC Barcelona and their fans so much memories , being so much loyal to his club , he let barcelona towards their most precious era , never leaved club in his very tough period ,never disappointed us and won everything with them (for club and also for himself) That’s why MESSI’s pay is worth it ..

  2. It's no surprise, If Messi plans to purchase Barcelona at the time of retirement or maybe Barcelona is also under his retirement contract. Like when Messi going to retire the club is given to Messi. LMAO

  3. Messi has been an absolute gift to Barca and the footballing world. But its now time for him to repay the faith Barca showed in him as a child, with Las Blaugrana paying his medical treatment meant that he was able to overcome his lack of physical growth and thus, become a pro with one of the biggest clubs in football history.
    He has of course repayed Barca by scoring an absurd amount of goals and helped them to win many trophies. But his love for Barca must surely be tested now that the club is near to financial ruin.
    Personally i believe Barca should try to keep Messi (as his worth both as a player, and commercial revenue) is irreplaceable. But its absolutely imperative that Messi agrees to drastically cut his obscene salary by at least a half or a 3rd.
    Then Barca should sell players with large sell-on value such as Griezmann and Dembele perhaps.

  4. If Messi will go then their jersey sales, sponsorship, there trp, and many more things will get halved. We will save about 120M€ but we will loose more than that if he leaves. But I will respect his decision whether he is leaving or if he stays(it would be lot better).
    Bartemou u r a fucked up traitor u always tried to destroy barca and u did.
    Bartemou you have ruined my club..

  5. Yea why not collect reports how Messi contributes on pitch and even financially ?
    Barca has a huge fan base because of Messi and Shirts are sold only due to Messi
    So before hating him just check all the facts

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