Lionel Messi Could Have Scored So Many More Goals

Lionel Messi has scored so many goals. But people forget the chances he created, if he didn’t hit the crossbar, post or woodwork. If he wasn’t that unlucky, he would have scored so many more goals.

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Lionel Messi Could Have Scored So Many More Goals
Woodwork, Post, Crossbar

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50 Respuestas a “Lionel Messi Could Have Scored So Many More Goals”

  1. ..No other player in the world has that technique to handle the ball and jump though players easy like that …that makes him THE BEST !! doesnt matter how many titles he loses or the other one wins …MESSI IS THE BEST.

  2. I want such a video to come someday. you were the first to do it. Thanks. We have watched these episodes with heartburn for years. If this and other blows like this were counted as justified goals, Messi would have surpassed Josef Bican a long time ago …

  3. GRANDE VIDEO WOUVA!! Forse a fine carriera Messi non sarà il più grande goleador di sempre, ma sicuramente a fine carriera sarà ricordato come il miglior giocatore o uno dei primi tre, in epoche diverse , con Pelé e Maradona.

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