Teams are scared when Liverpool attacks them – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

Teams are scared when Liverpool attacks them – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC
Jan Aage Fjortoft, Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf break down why Liverpool are so good and are showing no signs of slowing down any times soon.

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41 opiniones en “Teams are scared when Liverpool attacks them – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC”

  1. Steve Nichol running down the stairs and not feeling he really stepped on the stairs. That is what football can do to you?

  2. Anfield under the right coach with ALL the fans behind him 100% is a devastating stadium.

    United had it with Ferguson.

    Unfortunately Jurgen will leave 2025 & FSG will get a dose of the real football world reality. They hit GOLD with Klopp.

  3. Schmeichel is a Jackass for deliberately making the Liverpool players to walk close to him to pick up the ball before taking penalty, so he could taunt them.!!!…What a disgrace he is

  4. Craig burley needs firing, he's the most anti Liverpool and most miserable panelist out there, at best he was a average player and a terrible pundit.

  5. There's a reason why ANFIELD is considered as the Fortress! And not any other ground in the world. That's probably the answer to all the questions! YNWA❤️

  6. As someone who chose to be a Liverpool fan, there were times in the last 21 years I've regretted my choice. The Klopp era has been a nonstop euphoric ride and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I broke my foot celebrating Alissons winner v West Brom and I have 0 regrets

  7. Tottenham didn’t look very scared when Liverpool attacked them, in fact they were loving it and cutting the reds open on every counter

  8. I loved watching football without VAR again, the players dropping to the floor and the ref just waving play on, so funny to watch them realize , NO VAR !

  9. I actually said the same thing , the way this team played all game specially the second half even if we didn't won they gave everything out..

  10. ESPN desperately needs to get rid of Craig Burley. He's truly insufferable. Worse still, he loves the sound of his own voice way too much

  11. Craig is jealous of Steve Nicol's success with Liverpool. I remember watching Steve tirelessly bombing up and down the right (and left) wing in the 80s. What a player!!! What a natural goal scorer. One of the all time Liverpool legends. Could listen to him all day. YNWA

  12. Delighted Steve Nicol came out with this. As someone who went to Anfield from the early 1990s to early 2000s and saw some historic matches, Liverpool lost their identity under both Houllier and Benitez. They both won trophies but I never liked the style of play, and more or less stopped going. When I started going, Barnes, Rush, Beardsley, Houghton, Whelan, Hansen, McMahon, Nicol, Grobeellaar was in the team.
    Now, what makes the situation so interesting is Klopp's way of playing in philosophy is almost identical to the philosophy to the teams of the 1970s and 1980s. From the crazy high line, squeezing the play, quick turnover of possession, pressing from the front (closing down), the goal keeper having to sweep up. There are a few modern differences, I feel the full backs have become too important from an attacking sense and Liverpool need more creativity in midfield. But post Wjnaldum I think Klopp is trying to address this issue this season.
    So, indeed great to see genuine attacking foorball at Anfield week in week out again like up until the late 1990s when Roy Evans was in charge. Roy Evans had a very talented group of players but unfortunately not a winning mentality.

  13. Klopp is a god at Liverpool. You will not find a manager in the world that is loved as much as he is by the fans. I hope he gets a parade when he decides to leave us, the man deserves nothing less.

  14. Anfield's atmosphere is the equivalent to Luke Skywalker appearing on screen, pure anticipation knowing someone is about to be FFF'd up.

  15. There are very few teams where the manager puts in kids in a domestic cup quarter-final, against a decent, fellow PL team and top four contender, and all of a sudden they are 3-1 down before half time and the fans still in the stadium, praising and singing their a55 off, not a single soul leaving. This club is special. Their fans are special. I don't think many Liverpool fans would've complained either if they were dumped by Leicester that day. It's like they know what the manager wants and they go along with him and the manager knows what the fans want the most. Match made in Heaven these two sets, if you ask me.

  16. Liverpool 4 – 0 Barcelona.
    There is no other ground, no other fans that can produce an atmosphere like that. Fact.
    There is a reason legend's of the game from all over Europe rave about Anfield after experiencing it.
    Nothing compares, especially on the big European nights
    Allez Allez Allez

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