Dhangadhi FC 0-1 Butwal Lumbini FC Match 20 Highlights | Nepal Super League

Dhangadhi FC Vs Butwal Lumbini FC Match 20

अब खेल्छ नेपाल ! Khukri Nepal Super League |

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23 opiniones en “Dhangadhi FC 0-1 Butwal Lumbini FC Match 20 Highlights | Nepal Super League”

  1. To all the NSL authorities,

    right now the scheduling for the playoffs has been unfair given the winner of first qualifier betn 1st place and 2nd place team will get 4 days time for rest, while the next finalist will have to play 2 games and get only 1 days rest before the final. This gives a lot advantage to the qualifier 1 winner team clearly. So to mitigate this, and make it as fair as possible i propose a rescheduling of the games as follows

    May 11 : Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2 both

    may 12: Loser of Qualifier 1 v Winner of Qualifier 2

    may 15: Final

    this way one finalist will have 4 days rest and another finalist will have 3 days rest. Which doesn't provide clear advantage to any team regarding fitness of the players. I hope NSL would talk with the four clubs involved in the qualifiers and take their thoughts about it.

    Sports is nothing without fairness.

  2. Hajurharu coach garnu basnu vayeko hoina vanne mero manyata ho..
    yaddapi hajurharuko awaj agami dinharuma sunnu paune asa gaeko xu.

  3. commentary ko kura garnuparda ma fan ho hajurharuko…tara kehi sudar vane pakai garnuparne xa..connect hunasakena .tyaha error thyo vannu vandapani well try .nice try vanda ramro suninxa vanne mero sallah sujav xa .nasunnu hola. Tara yasmaa possitve vibes aauxa game maa..

  4. Scripted 🤔🤔.. Looking back at the goal, question can be asked about the role of jersey no 6 and rest defenders of dhangadi

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