43 opiniones en “PLAYOFF HIGHLIGHTS: New York City FC vs. Atlanta United FC | November 21, 2021”

  1. Bro. Can't even pack the lower level for a playoff game. Like no ones tryna watch a potential MLS Cup Final in a damn ball park.

    They be going to the cup. 🥤

  2. ეგრეეეე უნდაა ატლანტააას 👊👊👊 როგორც მაიამის ფანს ძალიან მსიამოვნებს ამათი წაგება 😗😗

  3. Two thoughts:

    The ATL is the only team that could make me root for (gagging) NYCFC.
    The lasses in the ATL are now rightfully where they belong for the MLS playoffs – on their couches.

  4. NYCFC is the sole reason why MLS should not have a single game elimination playoff. That stadium/pitch is an embarrassment.

  5. Shame that nycfc continues to have a tiny field that barely even legal. Completely shuts down Atlanta’s play style

  6. shame the I am sure the fans of both new york clubs were hoping there both new york clubs would reach the conference final and they want to in the New York NFL stadium

  7. Oooohhhh man, what an atmosphere! I was behind the goal close to the supporters section. My voice is still hoarse.

  8. A question for MLS fans that google apparently can’t answer: are playoff stats (goals, assists, etc) added to a players regular season total or are they completely separate?

  9. such a shame nycfc still doesnt have its own sota facility….feel like it would pack fans instead of how yankee stadium looks empty

  10. atl fanboys are pissed be upset take this loss and learn from it rather than being pissed abt it HAHAHA

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